Move In / Move Out Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Move In / Move Out Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Moving can be an extremely stressful event for everybody. Not only do you need to worry about making sure all your beloved items are transported safely to your new home, you also need to worry about restoring your current rental home back to it’s original condition in order to get your bond back. In addition, the standards set by Real Estate agents can be quite different, and it is sometimes a lottery as to what level is acceptable by the agents.


The worst thing that can happen is after you’ve completely and thoroughly cleaned your home, vacated and expecting your bond back, your agent discovers a few areas that are not to their standard. Unfortunately, that usually means you would be asked to come back and ensure the areas are cleaned, or you pay for a cleaner that’s recommended by the real estate agent. Generally, these cleaning businesses charge slightly higher

As such, it is sometimes better to leave the cleaning of your rental property to experienced cleaners who can guarantee that you get your bond back. This means if the real estate agent discovers any uncleaned areas, they should return and clean it without any further charge. This will save you time and hassle.


The areas that Deep Cleaning covers to ensure that you get your full bond back are:

Bathrooms :






How Much Time Does Move In / Move Out Cleaning Take?
*It takes 5 to 6 hours to do move in / move out cleaning (depend on home size).