Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore


No matter the occasion - whether you’re planning a party, looking to impress your in-laws, a schedule Deep Cleaning or just to make your house ready for a new born baby, our service can transform your home.


Our Standard Service Includes:

  • A professional crew of trained specialists that are committed to deep clean your home for 5-8 hours (depend on your home size & condition).
  • Complete coverage of your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms & other living areas including spaces your daily regimen doesn’t address.
  • Surface management that covers mirrors, windows, & floors, wood.
  • Sanitization of toilets, showers, tubs & sinks.
  • Bathroom deep cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Balcony & Utility room cleaning
  • Bedroom & Living room Deep Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning would be done following three steps:



The kitchen, one of the hardest rooms in the home to clean!

A clean kitchen is much easier to use, however, and we can do all of the tasks that you don’t want to.

Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services include :

Utility area cleaning also included.

Removing of utensils, kitchen items from inside kitchen cupboards & again placing it back to the same place after deep cleaning would be done by us.


We clean your bathrooms using powerful, safe cleaning solutions that will leave your bathroom looking bright and clean.

Our Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services incudes :


Bedroom Deep Cleaning Includes :

Movement of furniture & placing it back to the same place would be done by our team.


Bedroom Deep Cleaning Includes :

  • Furniture vacuuming & dusting.
  • Sofa dry vacuuming.
  • Cupboard cleaning from outside.
  • Lighting Fixtures vacuuming & cleaning. (Light fixtures will not be disassembled while cleaning).
  • Doors & frames will be vacuumed, followed by dry & wet wipes.
  • Ceiling fan vacuumed followed by dry & wet wipe.
  • Windows sills, ledges will vacuum cleaned followed by wet & dry wipe.
  • Knick-knacks individually cleaned.
  • Vent dusting.
  • Balcony wall, entire ceiling cobwebs cleaning.
  • Full house floor scrubbing & cleaning.
  • Please inform the executive on call about the type of flooring you have in your home while booking.
  • Costly glass items, costly crockeries need to be handled by customer. Other items, furniture movement our team will take care.


Balcony wall, ceiling cobwebs cleaning, floor deep cleaning & grill wet & dry wipe.

You Can Always Request Your Favorite Room Fragrance While Engaging Deep Cleaning Services
*(depend on stock availability).

(*Lavender *Rosemary* Jasmine *Lemon Grass *Rose *Citronella* Eucalyptus *Peppermint *Sandal wood.

Any Additional Work, Additional Bathroom Cleaning Apart From Booking Will Cost You Extra On Top Of The Billing Amount.


1) Fabric Sofa Cleaning & Shampooing :

a) Ultra Violet (UV) treatment to kill dust mites, germs & allergens.
b) Dust Extraction using vacuum cleaner.
c) Shampoo using 90% Foam, 10% moisture for effective cleaning and quick drying.
d) Moisture extraction using wet vacuum cleaner & injection-extraction machines.

2) Leather Sofa Cleaning & Conditioning :

a) Ultra Violet (UV) treatment to kill dust mites, germs & allergens.
b) Dust Extraction using vacuum cleaner.
c) Cleaning using leather cleaner oil (depending on the leather type) to remove dirt-marks.
d) Conditioning using leather conditioners for softness and shine.

3) Mattress Deep Cleaning & Sanitization:

a) Dust Extraction using HEPA filter technology to remove dust and allergens. Ultra Violet C treatment (UV Treatment) to kill dust mites, allergens & germs.
b) Apply Neem based natural organic spray to prevent dust mites, bacteria, germs and other allergens from increasing.

4) Carpet Shampooing :

a) Dust extraction using vacuum cleaner.
b) Shampoo using 90% foam & 10% moisture.
c) Moisture extraction using wet vacuuming & injection-extraction machines.

5) General Pest Control Services.
6) Additional Bathroom Deep Cleaning.
7)Bathroom Shower Partition Glass Polishing (at extra cost):

Minor swirls, very minor scratches, lime scale deposits & stains on glass can be taken out with the help of glass polishing.

8)Bathroom Marble Floor Re-polishing and acid, Harpic mark/stains removing (at extra cost)

The basic maintenance plan will include the re-polishing of bathroom marble floor with various diamond pads to restore surface shine & smoothness.

9)Indian Marble Floor, Italian Marble Floor, Granite Floor Re-polishing / Restoration Services (at extra cost) .

In order to keep your marble & granite at their original appearance and protect from staining & scratching, the marble floor need to undergo re-polishing.

The basic maintenance plan will include the buffing with diamond compound or crystallizing, this will restore surface shine.

10)Mosaic Floor Waxing (at extra cost).

Go for mosaic floor waxing if u feel the floor is looking dull & lost its smoothness. Using a floor scrubbing machine first we to take out the old wax. Then we wash & mop the floor nicely using a Ph balance solution. Then we apply new floor wax & buff the floor.

Floor wax helps to protects the floor from minor scratches, prolongs floor life & increase stain resistance.

11)Wooden Floor Waxing (at extra cost).

Vacuum & mop the floor using hardwood floor cleaner. Spread the polish evenly & lightly to avoid bubbles in the liquid. Allow the polish to dry and buff the floor with a clean towel, an electric polisher, or a terry cloth-covered sponge mop.

It prolongs floor life, increase stain resistance, minimizes minor imperfections & boost beauty.

Can’t walk on the floor for next 5-6 hours until the wax settle down completely.

Add on services are available at extra cost along with Home Deep Cleaning.
Each add on services are available at discounted cost along with Complete Home Deep Cleaning.
12)Try Our New :

100% Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services / Chemical Free Home Cleaning ( TO KNOW MORE, CALL 9742649906, ASK OUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW) :

Green Deep Cleaning Squad :

All the products use by GREEN DEEP CLEANING SQUAD are non-toxic, biodegradable, free of phosphates, ammonia, chlorine, easy on the environment, 100% safe natural & homemade cleaning products using naturally available green products (white vinegar, liquid castile soap or sal suds, natural salt, natural oil fragrance, baking soda, borax, orange peels, washing soda, rubbing alcohol, distil water, lemons etc).

Recommended for Home Coming New Born Baby, Patients, Carrying women & Allergic patients.

Note :

  • All the cleaning equipment, cleaning chemical would be from our side. Customer need not to provide anything
  • Please make sure electricity & availability of water throughout the work.
  • Waste / Garbage collected from customer home will be segregate in garbage bag & will be kept outside customer flat/home/at apartment garbage section. As per BBMP Notice no one/private company is authorised to dispose it on road side /or any other place.
  • Shifting of heavy furniture, costly items from one room to other is strictly restricted. As it involves a damage /breakage risk.
  • If anything: items /showpieces /memorable gifts which are non replaceable, kindly keep it at safe place & move it away while engaging cleaning services.
  • While engaging Deep Cleaning process at your home/office, other services like drilling, painting, carpentry, movers & packers, electrical, demolition work are strictly restricted in between of our work. As it creates accidental risk & disturbance.
  • Windows that are safe to access would be cleaned from inside.
  • Washing of clothes, utensils, shoes, chappals are strictly restricted.
  • Safely of our employees is important.

All our employees are covered with accidental insurance under Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 as per Government Instruction.

Safely of our employees is very important.

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How Much Time Does Complete Home Deep Cleaning Take?
*It takes 5 to 8 hours to Deep Clean a complete home (depend on home size).