Noble Italia Marble Polishing Powder

Noble Italia Marble Polishing Powder

Noble Italia Polishing Powder is the most supreme quality product for polishing Marbles especially Italian marbles. Noble Italia is the easiest, safest, and cheapest way to get the best polish on Marbles.

We have tested Noble Italia in comparison with the world's best products available in the market. We found 30-50% better results. This product is widely used by professionals of 5-star properties. This product has huge demand not only in India as well as in Dubai,USA etc.

Directions to use :-

  • Make a thick cream or slurry by adding water (4 spoons of powder in 100ml of water on 4*2sq.ft.) and Buff with 3M red pad for 1min. Per sq.ft after 12K Diamond Pad.
  • Add water if required while buffing. Use a wet polishing process(do not try to compound) and remove cream after polishing
  • Wash the floor twice with plenty of water to remove used powder.

Applications :-

  • Item Code - Noble IT - 01
  • State/ Form - Powder
  • Packaging Size - 5kg, 1kg
  • Color - Light Blue

Noble Italia Marble Polishing