Marble Polishing Services in Bangalore

Marble Floor Polishing Is A 5 Stage Process

1. Marble Floor Grinding:

Uneven installation or settling of subfloors results into an uneven floor, this uneven is called lippage. Over time scratches are unavoidable in a marble floor. A new marble floor can have floor flatness due to bad installation issues. This step eradicates all ledges and roughness and brings flatness to marble floors. It removes the deepest scratches and stains too. For this low grit size 30 and grit 50 diamond floor polishing pads are effective.

2. Marble Floor Honing:

This step honing removes visible scratches and stains from the marble floor. It enhances the shine and smoothness of the marble floor. For this diamond floor polishing pads with grit 100 and 200 are used and are effective.

3. Marble Floor Polishing:

Polishing gives shining effect to the marble floor. For marble floors in good condition, polishing is enough to bring back the shine. Industrial diamond floor pads with grit 400, 800 and 1500 are efficient.

4. Marble Floor Buffing / Crystallization:

Buffing is the final stage in polishing. It's also known as crystallization of marble. Here marble gets treated with chemicals / crystallization powder which bring the mirror like shine. For this finer grit, 3000 is proficient.

5. Marble Floor Sealing:

Sealing is the final stage. It extends the life of the marble floor from cracks and chips from the start itself. So apply good quality marble sealer at least once every year.

Marble Polishing Services

Periodic Marble Floor

Maintenance & Restoration:

In order to keep your marble at their original appearance and protect from staining, scratching and etching we can attend you at scheduled intervals (high or low frequency visits) to maintain and re-polish your marble areas, so you will not have to spend on full restoration year after year.

The comprehensive maintenance plan will not only restore the original luster and shine, but also protect and bond so by increasing the longevity of the surface.

The basic maintenance plan will include the buffing with diamond compound or crystallizing, this will restore surface shine.

To alter the cost we can customize the plan, for example, we can maintain high traffic areas more frequently than full area or we can do full restoration on less frequent base.

How Much Marble Polishing Services Take?
*Depend on area & size.