GREEN HOME DEEP CLEANING (Eco Friendly Cleaning Services)


We are a team of Eco-Friendly Deep Cleaning Services called “GREEN DEEP CLEAN SQUAD”. We want to help you to create safe heavens in your home by using Green Cleaning Products and provide a superior clean for each home or business.


All of our products are tough on dirt, non-toxic, biodegradable, free of phosphates, ammonia, chlorine, easy on the environment, 100% safe for you, your children, furry & feathery friends.


Over the past 100 years more than 1,00,000 chemicals have been manufactured. Only 200 of those 10,00,000 have been assessed in what it does to our health & to our environment. To us that’s CRAZY! That means we have no idea what we are spraying on surfaces & how it could effect-us. Even dry these chemicals stay on the surface & can be absorbed through skin, can be inhaled within seconds. When these chemicals dry they become magnets to dirt & grime, making your surface dirty quickly, needing more chemicals to clean more often.


Contact Green Deep Cleaning Squad if you are ready to get the green clean. We can start you on a path to a healthier home & join the revolution.


Green Deep Cleaning Squad use naturally available green cleaning products/ green homemade cleaning products & this team is a part of Deep Cleaning Services.

We can’t guarantee you 100% hard water stains, marks will be cleared. Since we are using Naturally Available Homemade Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning products. But we can definitely guarantee you a chemical free Home Deep Cleaning. If you are more concerned about the stains, please use our regular Deep Cleaning Services team.

Try Our New : 100% Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services / Chemical Free Home Cleaning ( TO KNOW MORE, CALL 8884441328, 9742649906 & ASK OUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW).