Professional and Reliable Deep Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Professional deep cleaning is a specialised cleaning service required by companies as part of an environmental policy or as a one-time deep cleaning. Deep cleaning services takes care of hard-to-reach areas and those spaces that are more complicated to clean on a day-to-day basis.

Deep cleaning may be necessary for various reasons;

In a busy office environment, regular deep cleaning not only maintains high levels of hygiene, but also helps maintain and prolong the new appearance of things like office furniture.

IT equipment, surfaces, carpets, hard floors and kitchen equipment, among others, so it is recommended to deep clean an office on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly.

In high-traffic locations, such as a hospital, hygiene standards can drop quickly, so regular deep cleaning should be practiced.

Weekly deep cleanings are common, but immediate deep cleanings are also required in the event of an outbreak of infection, such as with the coronavirus pandemic. Some properties require deep cleanings to help lower insurance costs. The intervals required to meet your insurance must be verified with the insurance policy.

In general, deep cleanings should be scheduled to meet the demands of your business and should always be part of your cleaning maintenance schedule.

Deep Cleaning services offers a comprehensive and reliable cleaning service for the home. All of our cleaners in India are experienced and live in the local area. If you have a regular cleaning service from us, you will have the same cleaner every visit so they get to know you and your requirements.

All of our cleaners in India are vetted and insured for your peace of mind. Our house cleaning service is flexible and affordable. We are committed to providing our customers with a top-notch cleaning service.

Deep cleaning is a once service when every nook and equipment in the house is cleaned and disinfected to the smallest detail and it is recommended to be done every six months.

Deep cleaning is usually done annually or after a party, in preparing for holidays, in special occasions, when leaving the property – also known as End of tenancy cleaning, or after the long and cold winter.

That’s why we have a 90% contract retention rate (the industry average is only 57%) and why 95% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of our service.

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